...And welcome to Acanthus House. My name is Katie Schippers and I'm a maker living in a small town in rural Iowa. I hold a BFA in Fine Art from the University of Iowa and use my creative side and hands to furnish my home, my garden, my table, and my wardrobe with products of my own making. This is the way I live and I'm sharing it with you.

What you'll find here

My husband, Kevin, and I live in an older home built in the 1920s which is in need of some love. I'll let you in on my before-and-afters and the road in between. 

Let's hope you're a dog person! Our two terrier rescues, Ulysses and Penelope, are a big part of our lives.

I'm a proficient knitter, sometime crocheter, seasoned embroiderer, and beginning seamstress. I've always had an interest in these fiber arts and am just embarking on a handmade wardrobe journey. I'll be showing you some new ideas and twists on favorite patterns and perhaps a few originals I'm currently working on behind the scenes.

We've been tackling curb appeal issues at our home for nearly two years and have just completed building a cedar fence for our small vegetable garden. Kevin and I have loads to share, particularly regarding garden structures and design.

I've enjoyed baking since the sixth grade but I didn't start cooking until I moved away to college. My tastes slant towards the vegetarian side. Light dishes often offset my sweet tooth!

And certainly not least, you can expect plenty of photography as well as some hand drawn work. Maybe even some ceramics?