...And welcome to Acanthus House! I’m Katie, a mother and maker who is always busy with a project.

What you'll find here

Baby, baby, baby. I’m a new mom and I spend a lot of time with my daughter, Eliza, and on making things for her.

Knitting. I’m basically lost without some kind of knitting going on. I used to be a pretty disciplined monogamous knitter but I have about three-four projects going at the moment.

Crochet. Used to do it, now getting back into it.

Sewing. Garments, toys, bags, household stuff. I’m planning to take the leap into quilting this year.

Embroidery. I’ve been embroidering things for as long as I can remember. It’s fun, easy to learn, and low-equipment so it fit well into the budget of an elementary school kid.

Gardening. I love growing things and I always have big garden plans but I’d label myself an advanced beginner at best. I’ve had two poor gardening years due to being pregnant, experiencing a severe drought, and having a high needs baby. It’s set me back, for sure. With Eliza turning one this year, I’m hoping to be able to turn some more attention to my flowers and veg. Hopefully she’ll be joining me a little!

Baking: I love baking but have found it difficult since having Eliza. Since it’s a precise science as well as an art, it needs a certain level of undivided attention, often for long stretches at a time. I’ll slowly start getting back into the baking game but it’s going to look different.

General Making/Remaking. I’m more likely to fix something up than save for something new. Often I achieve an end result much higher quality than the new in my price range, anyway. Plus the recycling and customization opportunity appeals to me.